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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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  Corruption Case Studies


The Joke is on you - Aid Funds Create and Support an Illegal Immigration Racket

Several reports backed by leaked documents suggest that the "Parliamentarian Caucus for Environmental Protection" in Cameroon has been a front for an illegal immigration racket. This governmental organization headed by MP Rose Abunaw, vice speaker of the assembly, has been so far a source of pride for the international community, as several aid agencies and international NGOs credit themselves with its creation. The unfortunate use of public funds to create and support the "Parliamentarian Caucus for Environmental Protection" is a symptom of a larger problem of inability of donor organizations to control corruption in the use of aid funds in Cameroon.

Source: wikileaks


Mosquito Bed-Nets Reports - Imaginary development , Embazzlement Remains a Secret

The vast majority of Cameroonians do not know that Global Fund to Fight Tuberculosis, Malaria and AIDS has sent tens of millions of dollars to relieve their suffering from these diseases, so they are unable to speak up when it seems their Government falsely claims it has distributed live-saving mosquito bed-nets to two out of every three children in Cameroon. The Minister of Health goes to jail amid rumors he sold containers of bed-nets for his own profit in neighboring countries, but no one in Cameroon or the donor countries knows what was actually done with the funds meant as assistance from one people to another.




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